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We are a team of leading industry experts in the telecommunication area and renewable energy sector. Headquartered in Liechtenstein. We have issued 200.000 new shares and plan to acquire API Mobile SIA and Rapsoil SIA - two successful projects in Latvia.

Tokenized Equity

Full transparency and secure development has been our highest priority during the issuance of new shares on the Etherum Blockchain.


With the planned acquisition of API Mobile SIA, Enercom AG will secure a subsidiary that revenue exceeded 60 million EUR in 2018.


Management with big experience in the renewable energy sector. Further acquisitions will be key in this sector for additional profit streams and subsidiaries.

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Telecommunication company, expected future subsidiary - proudly Top10 services exporter in Latvia 2018.

Voice and SMS

Over 100 active voice and more than 50 SMS interconnections

24 Million

Processed SMS per month

18 Million

Transferred voice minutes per month

Incorporated in 2016

Headquarters in Riga, Latvia


employees(payroll & freelance)

Key partners Api Mobile is proud of:

Client E

Client D

Client C

Client B

Client A

Client X

Text 2 Reach

NRS Gateway




Unique algorithms
connecting you to the World

Api Mobile is a global provider of mobile SMS A2P services for marketing companies, social media networks, mobile operators and aggregators around the world. Our global network coverage reaches worldwide to 160+ countries that can be connected through a single access point.


Voice transit revenue increase compared to first quarter of 2018.


SMS revenue part of total Api Mobile revenue


SMS transit revenue increase compared to first quarter of 2018


SMS brutto profit share in first quarter of 2019.

Key Objectives (19/20)

Api Mobile´s key objectives for the following two years:
Development of an omnichannel communication platform initially for internal use with an option to monetize it through SaaS model once technology is matured
Expansion in OTP SMS segment sales team reinforced with Tier1 level management staff starting from Q3 2019
Acquiring a GSMA membership, signing first top SMS traffic generators such as Facebook, Uber, Google, and similar businesses
Diversification of voice transit services, profitability increase through precisely targeted services, management team expansion as of Q1 2020
Focus shift from revenue increase to profitability improvement over 2019/2020

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The mission is to harness state-of-the-art technology, a spirit of innovation and sound business practices to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships within the global telecommunications marketplace, by providing efficient, quality services to clients and stakeholders, with the highest degree of integrity. We nurture and promote entrepreneurship by providing technical and financial solutions to our customers and investors governed by fairness and transparency.

Renewable energy

Among our renewable energy projects we have an access to ready-to-build high yield wind park near Liepaja, Latvia. Rapsoil SIA holds all required permits and approvals to start the construction phase the in shortest possible terms. We are also setting our ground towards solar energy projects in Northern Europe and to those who may be surprised - solar energy measurements we hold combined with highly efficient technology and experience makes it economically viable combination.
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Latest updates about Rapsoil SIA

rapsoil logo

A stock company & ready-to-build high yield wind park near Liepaja, Latvia

Building permits

To build 15 wind turbines and 110kV substation

March 2024

Building permits are valid

60 MW

Total allowed wind park installed power

Incorporated in 2009

Headquarters in Riga, Latvia


Wind statistics are collected from active turbine located nearby since 2002

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A great outlook into the future, with renewable energy developed by Enercom AG. Establishing the best performing projects in Europe.


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